Friday, November 7, 2008

Pandora for an almost snowy day

Hello blogosphere,

Do all of you know about Pandora?

Today I had to edit a bunch or articles at work and found my work infinitely more tolerable with the help of this lovely site. 

Though most every "station" I've selected has been enjoyable, today I selected Mirah. Mirah is someone whose performance at The Cedar left me with a warm, fuzzy feeling that I have been able to conjure up every time I have listened to her music since.

While her music was enough of a treat, it was complimented by Elliott Smith, Scout Niblett, The Blow, Jolie Holland (who also had a lovely performance at The Cedar recently), Iron and Wine, Jose Gonzalez (coughCedarartistcough), and a few new favorites like Mugison, Meiko, and Gregory and The Hawk.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, and take some time to relax with some beautiful music.

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