Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Mark your calendars for April 5th, the return of the Punch Brothers to the Cedar.
In case you missed their first two Cedar performances, I'll bring you up to speed...

6/17/07 - performed as 'Chris Thile & How to Grow a Band' with Bryan Sutton on guitar.
They performed fiddle tunes and rock tunes from their debut record played with a technical precision that caused sheer panic in the audience.

9/5/08 - performed as the Punch Brothers. They performed the entire 'Blind Leaving the Blind' composition that Thile wrote specifically for this band - clocking in at around 43 minutes. On top of this...they played a full set of songs from their two records. I left this show exhausted and in shock at how humans could play instruments on that level.

So that brings us to April 5th 2009. What do you think they'll bring us this time? Well, if it's anything like their sessions at the Living Room in NYC, we are in for pure bliss. Mozart!?

The 4/5 performance features a new bassist - Paul Kowert who is on tour with Mike Marshall. Fortunately for you, Marshall and his Big Trio will be at the Cedar this Friday, 3/6.

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