Friday, May 8, 2009

Little Known Secrets

Long time patrons and the exceptionally observant, may have noticed that The Cedar’s calendar is often empty on Mondays and Tuesdays. But that doesn’t mean the hall is dark and quiet. Far from it, in fact. On Monday mornings, while the neighborhood sleeps, preparations begin for a weekly pancake breakfast and bingo tournament for local group Swingin’ Senior Singles. Not only do people fall in love with Cedar performers, romances flourishes over maple syrup and bingo cards. That piano on stage comes in handy for the impromptu serenades of those falling head-over-heels.

After a major clean up, the hall floor is cleared to make way for the weekly face-off between Cedar staff and staff members at the Nomad World Pub.

“Those guys over at the Nomad have way too much time to practice Bocce ball, so we play badminton instead,” said former Cedar Intern Sam Johnson “Over here at The Cedar, we know our way around a racquet.”

Losers buy the winners dinner at nearby Chai’s Thai while the hapless MVP mops up the sweat and tears on The Cedar’s floor. After packed weekends, staff members at both venues are ready to blow off a little steam. Behind the closed doors, both teams holler along to “Eye of the Tiger” and Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”

Following the sporting event, the building slumbers until Tuesday afternoon when things really get interesting. A double booking results in Soccer Mom Cocktail Hour being forced to share the space with Advanced Motorcycle Maintenance, a rough looking class that has spilled over from The Joint and Psycho Suzie’s. It was uncomfortable for everyone at first, but has now resulted in unexpected kinship.

“Both groups have a lot we can share with each other,” said Rocky, local motorcycle maniac. “They taught us time management and what roads to avoid during rush hour and we taught them to toughen up and take no prisoners.”

They also bond over their confusion and disapproval of kids on tall bikes.

Now that you know what goes on at The Cedar on Mondays and Tuesdays, you can find out what goes on during the rest of the week at

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