Friday, October 23, 2009

Quick update

Being busy with school, I haven't been getting to all that many shows lately. But I am pleased to say that I will be at every Cedar show (excepting for Gustafer) from now until Tuesday. Not only that, a couple are shows I have been looking forward to for weeks!

The weekend starts with a CD release by local group The Pines. And what's more, they'll be joined by The Spaghetti Western String Company. Both bands have become household names for my family - Mom claims The Pines as a favorite band. My sister keeps me updated on where she saw "the cute one" last. I think she uses this to refer to more than one person. Gets to be a little confusing, kiddo. In any case, if you like folk and string music that has a little edge, a little mystery, and maybe a little something tragic or sinister to it, we'll see you at The Cedar.

The other show I have been eagerly anticipating comes next Tuesday: Thao and the Get Down Stay Down with the Portland Cello Project. Ms. Thao has definitely been in my heavy rotation. It's gotten to the point where a couple coworkers asked me whether or not I was going through some kind of phase... 'fraid not guys. That would mean I would have to stop listening to her, right?


I've been invited to a soul dance night next month. There are a few major problems with this. The main one being that I don't really dance. At all. So blogger friends, if I were going to practice, what should I listen to? Any suggestions?


I work for a magazine. Today in the office someone tried to put music on. He stopped. Laughed. Then said: "Pandora must be signed in to your account. The only stations listed are for Low, Balkan Beat Box, and The Meat Puppets."


Thanks E Dub for playing along. Maybe we can keep this going?

Albums (mostly) without lyrics for listening while reading (for those of us with concentration issues):

Erik Satie - After the Rain
Nomo - Ghost Rock
Spaghetti Western String Co. - all
The Album Leaf - Into The Blue Again, In A Safe Place

Your turn.

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