Friday, September 12, 2008


Wednesday night I brought my friend Matt to the Plastic People of the Universe show at The Cedar. Besides commenting on their facial hair, he also added,

“You always bring me to see stuff I never would otherwise.”

I have endless examples of dragging this friend to see that show. But oftentimes I'm lucky and they end up enjoying themselves after all.

Being a big B.R.M.C. fan, I begged a few friends and family members to see them with me at the late Quest Club about four years ago. No one (except for me) really liked them. But The Rapture opened and everyone lost it. I still haven’t heard the end of it. You can probably imagine why.

Since then music has become, more and more, a communal thing for me. I like trading recommendations and going to shows with people, and I have more than a few friends that I probably have nothing else in common with. But we’ll talk for hours about lyrics or style or sound.

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