Monday, September 29, 2008

The later the post, the less to boast

Last week got the best of me and I didn't get a chance to post. I had Benji Hughes and his uncanny resemblances to Harry Nilsson rolling around in my head all week. After The Professor beat me to the punch on Benji, then I thought I'd offer up my staff photos from the Nordic Roots Festival this past weekend. With Mama E Dub feeling under the weather, I'll add some visuals until she recovers...

A storm was a-brewin'

Our office assistant intern Matt prepares raffle tickets for the Festival and ponders the meaning of the words Hoven Droven and Hurdy Gurdy.

Mark & Drew sport some serious guitar shirts.

This was the first year that I thought of the Festival in terms of fashion.

Click on the pic to see Detektivbyrån live on Twin Cities Public Television
(and fast forward to the credits for a bonus tune)

Martin of Detektivbyrån, leanin' on Sweden.

William Call having a ball with the Detektivbyrån boys.

Mark tests the new Cedar floors for slippage.

The big ol' Cedar family playin' catch with Gil.

Anders of Detektivbyrån, shopping for Fire Department edition Converse.

It's a bag AND a functioning iPod boombox!
We can hitch a ride to Rockaway Beach...

Jonah and Rob Simonds, basking in the remaining Nordic light.

Intermission bonus, a dance on the floor!

And then...
Hoven Droven brings the audience to it's knees!!

Michael and Cedar superfan Billy let their hair down at Hoven Droven.

Post Festival fiddle jam in the green room with Annbjørg Lien, Mats Edén (Groupa), Kjell-Erik Eriksson (Hoven Droven), and Bruce Molsky.

Mark demonstrates how Stefan plays the hurdy gurdy.

Goodnight, Nordic Roots. 'til next time.


Benji Hughes is Harry Nilsson reincarnated.

Download mp3 of Benji Hughes single "Tight Tee Shirt"

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