Wednesday, October 1, 2008

European World Music Charts

Well, I came down with the Nordic flu or something yesterday, so I don't have a fancy post for this week. Promise to upload those NRF photos and film clips by next week with maybe a few choice reminiscences. I did also hear back from one of my Polish hurdy gurdy contacts who gave me a great little interview so that's in the hopper as well.

This week's short and sweet post is on the joys of the European World Music charts, seeing as how this is the first of the month and there is a new one waiting in my in box to check out.

I like this chart because not only do I get turned on to new artists, or find out when old faves have anew release, they have samples of several songs right there on the charts plus links to record company home pages, etc.

You can just bookmark it and know that a fresh chart is up on the first of every month, or you can click on "newsletter" (I think) and they will send you an email every time a fresh chart comes out.

So, here's the link.

You can also buy music right from the charts and read up on the djs and retailers who make up the committee. It's also kind of helpful that they list what country an artist is from right on the charts.

It's a handy resource, but remember just because you see it here doesn't mean a recording will be easy to find on this side of the pond. Not to mention the Euro vs. the dollar thing is still bad news. But it may mean a link to a free download of a really fun song, like when they had Magnifico's "Land of Champions" as a freebee on his site.

Gotta go. See you next time.

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mrs. yam said...

Mama, you must have gotten your hurdy-gurdy fix, as I didn't see you at La Musgana last night. They pulled out the hurdy-gurdy for at least one tune. They are, shall we say, a little tamer than their Nordic brothers of the hurdy-gurdy.

mrs. yam