Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Saturday Edition

Yesterday I was so occupied listening to music that there was almost no time to write about it, so please excuse the late post and next week I will return to your regularly scheduled programming.

Minneapolis had almost too much music going on last night. From Dressy Bessy at The Whole music club to Diplo at the First Avenue mainroom, the choices were many and varied. There were at least three shows I wanted to see on the West Bank alone. Fortunately I got to see a number of acts, and was joined by my fellow bloggers Mama E Dub and William Call at a few of them as well.

At the Acadia, music started early. The Wake Student Magazine at the University of Minnesota held a celebration of its seventh anniversary with music that began around 5 p.m. and ended sometime around 11 p.m. Zombie Season got things rolling with a set of noise influenced, spacey rock and roll. Spacey in this case is a compliment, referring to otherworldly tendencies and not jam-band-style self-indulgent extended solos. The group in its initial arrangement consisted of bass, guitar vocals, cello and drums. However as frontman Ali stated “This is the part in the set where we take a really long time to switch instruments.” Something about wanting the audience to know they were cool and could play lots of instruments.

While the group really was a package deal, the “demonic” looking cello really sealed the deal. They played a short set because they had to get to another gig at the Kitty Kat Klub in Dinkytown. That’s right; they’re in demand. If you haven’t already, go back and click on the link to this group’s Myspace. Seriously.

Next was local darling Lucy Michelle, playing solo for a change. What can I say about Lucy that hasn’t already been said? She is a genuine, sweet, multi-instrumentalist who also happens to be an excellent songwriter. If you’ve somehow managed to miss her, check her out.

After Lucy took it down a notch, Words brought it back up. Way up. By far the loudest act of the night, Words reminded the crowd what a rock band sounds like. Out of the ashes of their former group Night of the Vampire, named after a Roky Erikson tune, Words came screaming songs that they have difficultly cutting down to less than five minutes. I didn’t hear anyone complaining. They don’t have anything up on their Myspace page, but a recording is on the way. Watch for it.

“Just don’t call me MC Hammer” MC Harv told the Wake staffer set to introduce the MC. A skinny guy with glasses hops up on stage and transforms into a mass of tension and energy. This guy is it. He dances because he obviously can’t help it. He spits so fast you’ll miss something every time you blink. Dang.

Headliners Military Special had everyone wishing we could put the tables away and open up a dance floor. But they all danced anyway. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a group that looked like they were having as much or more fun than the audience. But Military Special was all smiles and dance moves. If you missed them, they will be playing at The Whole music club. Don’t plan on sitting down.

Not far away, it was night of the psychedelic sixties at the Nomad World Pub. I came in on the end of the set Shy played and Mama E Dub and I had to drag ourselves away from First Communion After Party. I know the blog has already discussed the group’s awesomeness, but they really just have things together. They even have their image down to a “T.” They are transfixing. For real. Watch for them at The Cedar as part of the 416 Club on November 7.

I bet I’m not the only one who heard some beautiful music last night. Let’s hear it!

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Mama E Dub said...

Not to pimp the Cedar sound system AND sound techs too much, but I have a feeling First Communion will sound a WHOLE LOT better at the Cedar when they play here next month. Chris, Raymond and Eric RULE!