Friday, October 17, 2008

Cedar Wishlist

Today I picked up a copy of Ray LaMontagne's new album "Gossip in the Grain." Though I am not as impressed by it as I have been by his two previous albums, there are still a couple tracks that are just exactly what I want to be listening to on a sunny fall day. This one and this one in particular. 

But Ray is one artist I have always wished would play at The Cedar. He's played in town on at least two different occasions, but never at a venue I thought fit his music very well.

What's your Cedar wishlist? Or maybe you have other dream artist/venue parings, whether they've actually happened or not. 


Anonymous said...

Justin Roth

Angel of Rock said...

He's played at The Cedar! And because I went, I agree with you. A very good wishlist selection.

Anonymous said...

SMOKEY HORMEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!