Friday, October 31, 2008

Cedar Story Part Two

No venue is an island. The Cedar subsists on the unique energy of the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood. Over the past 20 years, the Cedar has been a mainstay in the changing environment. Through Bohemians, Hippies and high waters, the neighborhood has maintained a diverse, friendly community in which The Cedar has been able to thrive. Tragedies like the loss of the Viking Bar have been lessoned by new additions like the Cedar-Riverside Light Rail Train stop.

Another benefit gained from the Cedar’s West Bank location is its proximity to like-minded organizations like the West Bank School of Music, KFAI and Radio K. These partnerships increase all four organization’s abilities to introduce Twin Cities’ residents to an amazing array of music and culture. The next time you plan on attending a show at The Cedar, be sure to allow yourself some extra time to take in some of the neighborhood. Don’t have a show lined up that you want to see? Visit to look at our calendar of upcoming events. While you’re at it, you can visit other Cedar-Riverside music organizations online, too.,,

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