Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Powderhorn Gokh-Bi

I'm thinking about my community this week, as in my own little neighborhood down here called Powderhorn Park. A group of neighborhood organizations got together last weekend to put on the second annual Art Sled Rally, a fun and goofy event that seems to have the makings of a tradition. What would bring a couple hundred neighborhood folk tromping across the lake to the steep slopes on the west side of the park to watch contraptions of cardboard, OSB, wading pools, old skis and duct tape attempt to make it down the hill in one piece? Guess it's just a Minnesota thing, but there was free hot chocolate and hot dogs and KFAI was blasting tunes.

To really take it to the next level, next year somebody should invite the Brass Messengers, the unofficial brass band of Powderhorn, to blow some tunes for the rally.

The giant 6 pack of Grain Belt cracked up partway down the hill, spilling all 6 (of course!) riders out into the snow. Luckily they had little silver hats shaped like bottle caps for protection. The giant rattlesnake came down tail first, then about 10 kids came tumbling out. Luke Skywalker and his lifesize landspeederhad a dramatic crash into the fans their last time down and the giant plate of WPBP pancakes topped with a pat of butter hat on the rider's head made the journey slowly but safely inside their wading pool. A 10? foot tall dodecahedron die made it down the course (nobody was inside.) The oversize coffee cup representing the May Day Cafe drew loud applause, as did the giant hockey puck saucer, promoting the return of a hockey rink to the pond's ice. Nice work everybody. A weird and fun local event! I love my neighborhood!

Here's a video that features some of the high points.

Say, isn't that Cedar special events emcee Nick Lethart there at about the 3:10 mark? Yeah, he lives in the hood.

What's next for the beloved 65 acre park with the little lake? Word on the street has it the hills there will play host to a giant snowball war next week, Capture the Flag style. Prizes and everything, and fund raising to go towards the legal bills of the RNC 8.

But about that Brass Messengers idea? Whadya think? Should I ask them when they play at the Cedar this Friday night? This is a band that has been known to take over light rail cars and play impromptu concerts between Lake Street and downtown. They also do concerts on light rail platforms sometimes, if I remember the story correctly. Plus they played at the ice shack Art Shanty event this year as well as assorted parades and street dances. Definitely another fun and occasionally goofy South Minneapolis treasure. Their cd release on Friday should be a good time, with lots of special guests including a musical saw player!

Keeping it in neighborhood mode, Gokh-Bi system's Voice of the Jeli has been in heavy rotation this week in my earbuds. Some warm feeling is happening during a gloomy chilly week. (It's just like summer. You know, it's not the heat, but the humidity? I do fine in the bitter cold, but this damp stuff? Ugggh.) I feel warmer and drier whenever I listen to Curumin'sJapanPopShow or to Voice of the Jeli. Just give me some more of that "Palestine." Love that organ riff. "Peace and land," everybody. Peace and land. Plus I get to fulfil my Afro-Pop backup singer least in the car by myself. Can't wait for their show next week at the Cedar. Thursday night. Should be very cool. Or warm.

Oh yeah. Know what Gokh-Bi means? NEIGHBORHOOD.

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