Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Best of 2008's 'Best of Lists'

It's that time of year again when we look back on the best music of 2008. Generally I can't stand ‘best of ‘ lists and find the focus is too limited and often times 'hype' over-shadows 'musicality.' I'm thankful that there are resourceful folks who compile 'best of' lists so I can sift through a bunch of them and ultimately discover some new artists.

LARGEHEARTED BOY, a music blog, has been compiling 'Best of' lists since 2006. They have an alphabetical listing of 'Best of' lists from major blogs, newspapers, websites, magazines, radio stations etc. There are HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of lists at your fingertips to explore! Isn't the internet beautiful?!

I'd be interested to hear some 'best of 2008' lists from our readers. Post them in the comments below if you'd like.

Here are my favorite Cedar musical moments of 2008 - in no particular order:

1 Carolina Chocolate Drops
2 Deviated Septet's vocal performance of 'I am the Walrus'
3 Bo Ramsey Cd release - especially his reaction when a cell phone went off mid-song
4 Jacky Molard Quartet
5 2 Foot Yard
6 Orange Mighty Trio
7 Punch Brothers
8 Bill Mike Band cd release
9 Infamous Stringdusters
10 Eighthead


oskylad said...

Don't forget Detektivbyrån at the Nordic Roots Festival.

Zuppa di Banjo said...

I missed the Detektivbyran show - but do like their music very much. Reminds me of Dosh w/ accordion.