Friday, December 5, 2008

Give Detektivbyrån a Swedish Grammy already.

Attendees of this year's Nordic Roots Festival at The Cedar made some new friends named Detektivbyrån. While their performance was delightful, it was their bashfulness and silly sense of humor that kept their name in my mind for a festival favorite. I bet I am not alone.

Those like myself are in luck, as anyone able to access the Interweb (and seeing as you made it to the blog...) can vote for the boys to win a Swedish Grammy. They are up for the award in two categories, this year's best newcomer, and this year's best Folk (I'm assuming this means Folk artist, but as I said they are pretty charming). So whether you enjoyed their performance, or just feel like poking around a Swedish Web site, head on over to

It will ask you for an email address which you must then check and verify your vote. That's about all I can tell you, except that Rösta means "vote." That will come in handy.

For those unfamiliar with Detektivbyrån, try this one:

I don't get it, but I think I like it anyway.

A quick YouTube search will produce many more options. I suggest using the copy-and-paste-the-name technique unless you are really comfortable with your keystrokes.

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