Friday, December 19, 2008

Shameless Promotion of Perfect Beauty

I know it's not my day to post, but I feel compelled to share this free download with all our readers so here you go. My sister passed this on to me in the wee hours this morning when she was supposed to be grading papers, I imagine.

So here is a link to a free MP3 download of that sweet cover of the Fleet Foxes tune "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" by the Swedish singin' sisters duo First Aid Kit. If you've been reading this blog for a month or two , you may remember the video Mr. William Call put up in October of the two sisters sitting by a stream in the Swedish forest singing their hearts out on that song. Just a perfect piece of sheer beauty...and I don't even like that kind of music! But their harmonies are great, the woods are lovely, they are so earnest. The video is 3 minutes of perfect beauty in a sometimes dark world. (And hundred of thousands of people think so, too. 219,000 this morning...not quite viral status, but plenty.)

I won't embed the vid, because it's been here before, but here's the link for you if you like. Enjoy!

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