Friday, December 12, 2008

Cedar Story part 4

The ripple effect following September 11, 2001 was felt worldwide, including here on the West Bank in Minneapolis. Not only did live music become too much of a luxury for some Cedar patrons, the combination of airline restrictions, additional visa and passport control (as previously discussed here on the blog) and a general fear of flying made bringing international artists to the Twin Cities became nearly impossible. This led to the roughest season in The Cedar’s history. During the next three months, 30 shows had to be cancelled and many were not rescheduled.

Cedar staff responded with an open letter on The Cedar’s Web site , asking patrons to “Imagine a world without The Cedar.” Think about that. Can you do it?

While post-9/11 travel restrictions have eased up, The Cedar still needs your support. I wont say anything about the economy; you know how things are going. Many international artists do not see U.S. tours as being profitable enough to be realistic. However, packed shows at The Cedar are often highlights for artists. Whether you are a donor or a Cedar patron, your contribution is what makes this possible. With your support we can continue to bring you a diverse selection of music for another season, or 20.

Visit for the events calendar and for your chance to donate.

All of the following amazing international artists have graced The Cedar stage already this season. Let's keep 'em coming:

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