Friday, July 24, 2009

For Mama E Dub: Long overdue

Working one night at The Cedar, Mama E Dub was raving about a new CD she just couldn't get enough of. Strangely enough, I had the same one at home sitting on a pile of CDs to review for a radio program. Put that review up on the blog! was the gist of the response I got. "Review" however, has a few different meanings. While I imagine she envisioned me toiling away, crafting beautiful prose to describe an indescribable record, I had a different task in mind. To write a review for the radio, I simply listen to the record and select which tracks I think we should play. Not really a blog worthy process. Hence the slight delay.

The album in question is Kasbah Rockers and Bill Laswell (self titled, as you might guess), and while I really wasn't kidding about it being indescribable. I can say this:

1) The record inspired someone to post a youtube video of himself listening to the group on their myspace page.
2) Their myspace page introduced me to my new favorite genre, based entirely on its name since I'm not really sure what it means: Rai'n'B
3) I really do love this record. I wont attempt to tell you why it is good, I will let you make a decision for yourself. Hopefully your computer speakers are better than mine:

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