Friday, July 31, 2009

Release Me

Does anyone still get excited about release dates?

Just this week I was guilty of coercing a friend to share an advance copy of an album that will not be released for a couple months. And yet, I am eagerly anticipating two album releases set for next Tuesday; Zak Sally's Fear of Song and Fruit Bats' The Ruminant Band. One, a local favorite. Another, an opening-band-turned-long-term-favorite.

You can listen to clips from both records on Amazon through the links above (a trick I have only recently discovered). And here is a up-tempo version of one of the Fruit Bats' older tunes.

I guess it isn't surprising that I still cling to release dates, even when I can listen to some or all of the album in advance. I've always found that having something to look forward to makes drudging through the everyday a lot more tolerable.

Other music news:

Saw The Dead Weather on Monday and to quote a co-worker, "It was everything I expected, and more." It was a rock show for the ages. Plus, despite the fact that I have a major celebrity crush on Jack White (who doesn't), I had never seen him perform before. Boy howdy.

Another treat: Screaming Females, the night's opening band. I heard lots of name-dropping comparisons: Sleater Kinney, Meat Puppets, Grand Ole Party, but my overwhelming impression was how much they reminded me of local buzz band Gospel Gossip.

I think the comparison is mostly based on the leading female in a dress with downcast eyes while shredding on her guitar. The difference being that while Screaming Females's vocals and crazy guitar stylings kept my eyes and ears occupied, the bass literally had me by the throat. Not only did I feel strangled, but I felt as though something was pressing down on my lungs. It was awesome.

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