Wednesday, August 5, 2009

From Vacationland

I am blogging from an undisclosed location in another state, far from the Midwest. So, this is just a little post, just a way to send some love to all the other brass bands and brass-enhanced bands who have played in our fine city within memory.

Close to home (like right here in the 'hood) show some love for The Brass Messengers. They play on the light rail, they play at the Ice Shack art thing, they play at May Day, and their cd release last winter shook the Cedar until sometime after midnight.

Let's give some love to Brooklyn's official brass band for all kinds of fun occasions, Slavic Soul Party. Hopefully Matt will bring the gang back through town sometime; I think we're trying for early November. This time I'll supply the cognac, Eva!

"Lumba Lumba!"

Whatever happened to Madison's wild men (and Anna) of Reptile Palace Orchestra? Still making it happen down there, although they have not been to our town in while. Nobody does "Devil Went Down to Georgia" like Bif leading the Reptiles.

Who loves Balkan Beat Box? The Cedar does. OK, they only had the dueling sax players this time around; no trombone or anything, but it counts, OK?

"Everybody scream for peace in the Middle East!"

How many feet of brass does it take to count as a brass band? If one tuba does it, I send big love to Boom Pam, Tel Aviv's premier surf/tuba/balkan/wedding band.

Check out "Tuby" up close!

A reader wrote in responding to last week's post, with this lovely vid of the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble doing "War." Nice! Thanks!

What makes any rock band rock harder? A horn section! Imagine my surprise and delight the first time I was dragged over to the Triple Rock for my first Chooglin' experience a couple of years ago. Micheal didn't tell me about the horns, and when they ran out halfway through the set, I was so lovin' the Chooglin'! They will bring down Palm Fest over at Palmers later this month in all their rockin' brassin' Chooglin' glory. Plus I think it's free!

Palm Fest is all afternoon and evening on Saturday, August 22 then the Bloodshot Records Anniversary Party is all afternoon and evening at the Cedar on Sunday the 23rd. Not sure if camping will be allowed on the sidewalk between the two venues or not.

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