Friday, August 28, 2009

An Apology

A co-worker and fellow Cedar staff blogger may have caught me singing (rather loudly, I'm ashamed to say) in the office on Wednesday. So, I have three things to say:

1) I'm sorry.
2) I really thought everyone else had gone home.
3) I was listening to Julie Doiron. I can't help it.

So. Infatuated. With. This. Lady. Seriously. Pretty sure I already wrote about her on here, but she's just that good.

In other news, it is almost September. I am desperately seeking some fall jams. The summer jams seemed especially good this year, but I am anticipating that they wont sound as fresh in the crisp autumn air. This is an active search. I don't expect the jams to come to me, however there are a few sources that I am counting on:

-A mix CD from a new friend
-A friend's band's new album (released on cassette tape!)
-Suggestions from my blogger friends
-A new season beginning at The Cedar (Check out the calendar here)

At least one of these has to come through for me, right?

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