Friday, September 4, 2009

Autolux review

Went over to 7th Street last night to catch the infamous Autolux. The band has one album that was released 5 years ago, and a new one, Transit Transit, due out in 2010. I needed to see the band after a coworker played "Audience No. 2" in the office one afternoon. Another selling point: Carla who plays drums for Autolux is the drummer on PJ Harvey and John Parish's album, A Woman A Man Walked By. Other than that, I really didn't know anything about them.

They were a band of few words, but when they spoke they were very gracious and thanked the crowd repeatedly. Their lo-fi shoegaze sound was soothing, but the song structure and arrangements were unusual enough that you couldn't get too comfortable. I heard a number of comparisons drawn to the new Portishead album, Third. Spacey, haunting, a little bit disconcerting, but entirely beautiful.

After the show, I ran into a friend who clearly couldn't control his glee.
"That was the best show I have seen in a LONG TIME," he said.

I guess I've got a start on collecting fall jams.

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