Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dear readers,

I need to apoligize.  There is not really a post from me this week.  I made it happen every week for over a year, but alas, this week I logged hundreds of miles of deliveries at my day job, thus being away from my desk at critical times like break or lunch, when I usually blog and surf.  No internet at the farm plus a full-up family time  schedule - yes, we're taking the boy child to the Fair tomorow -and the net result is no blog.

I did have this query, though, as a result of long hours spend piloting a big diesel rig all over the place. Does the metro area have a new techno station?  Somehow I logged onto some great. LONG techno jams way down at the low end of FM dial the other day in the truck and I could not catch what station it was.  KMOJ with a techno show?  I don't think so, but could not find any info about it anywhere online, or find it again.  Perhaps a space/time continuum blip?

I have caught and enjoyed the "Do You Party" show on Radio K on Thursday evenings, but this seemed like an entire station of techno.  A cool idea if it really exists.

Whoo hoo. Next week is back to back to back to back at the Cedar.  Crooked Still>>>17 Hippies>>>Ralph Stanley>>>Chicha Libra.  Almost to good to be real!

Hey, and it's a BBQ night for Ralph Stanley fans.  If you like the pulled pork sandwiches we had a the Bloodshot Records party in August, line up for more of the same next Friday.  But they won't be free this time.

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