Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sean Taylor

Sorry for jumping the queue, but I felt compelled.

In my latest round of needle-drops, one stood out: Sean Taylor. He is a Londoner who operates in the folk-blues realm. I just spent some time with his second album, 'Angels,' and was riveted. ('Calcutta Grove,' pictured, is his third.)

In his own words: 'I’ve been compared to John Martyn, Tom Waits and Bob Dylan.'

Well, a Dylan comparison is a curse, and a Waits one a stretch, but John Martyn? A darned fine reference point. Sean Taylor seems like an artist that Joe Boyd would have done wonders with, or that Ryko would have snapped up back when that label meant something. He would have looked good on the roster alongside Kelly Joe Phelps.

Take a minute and go to Sean's website. It will be worth your while.

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