Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Grupo Fantasma "comes alive"

As the Main Fig. explains our current booking policy, much of our "world music" is coming from places like Brooklyn, because many European bands can't or don't want to do U.S. tours. In the spirit of that idea (which I have to say works out pretty damn well on a lot of these acts), I'd like to propose a southern hemisphere version.

A few of us have been groovin' to a disc by Chilean cumbia + horns big band Chico Trujillo. Very fun stuff laid on the Cedar staff by one of the road managers at Global Roots 2009. Now, although Chico T. has done a European tour or two and is rather big in Germany, Chile is a long, long way away from Minnesota, isn't it?

As the chances of them coming to play for us seem at tad remote at this juncture, I have a suggestion for the next best thing, and as residents of Austin, Texas, the airfare'd be so much cheaper. I'm talking about those wild men in Grupo Fantasma. Lots of horns, lots of funk/mambo/merengue/cumbia, lot of fun. Let's get them up our way before they get any more famous; 2008's Sonidos Gold was nominated for a Grammy!

They backed up Prince at Cochella a year or two ago and apparently have played a private party for the former symbol as well. Word on the net is that they tore up Bonaroo and have ruled at home at SXSW, too. I also get the feeling that this is one of those bands with a crazy live show that is difficult to replicate digitally. Guess I need to check out their 2007 live disc "Grupo Fantasma Comes Alive."

P.S. They're smart asses,too. Check out the Grupo Fan Telethon on "Gimme Some."

Well, my connection is slower than molasses in January tonight...hey wait, it is January, and I have some molasses in the kitchen...oh, never mind. This is all I can do for now.