Friday, January 22, 2010

live music: still more fun than homework

Weekend schedule:

Thursday: Kitty Cat Klub (It's the first week of school so Thursday is part of the weekend, right?)
Friday: Turf Club
Sunday: The Cedar

During which I plan to see friends perform gothic pop and jazz, see some favorites and some unknowns play heavy rock music, and a quiet Sunday night with a sweet couple. There will also be biking involved.

Shaping up to be another doozy.

In other news, I made some discoveries this week.

1) I have in my possession a B.R.M.C. album that is unbeknownst to Wikipedia
2) There are at least two B.R.M.C. albums listed on Wikipedia that are unbeknownst to me.


And in non-music related news,

Mike and Ikes with Blueberry Green Tea fix a bad day. Really.


Veronica Fever said...

You set me to scrambling, Angel. 'The Effects of 333' is news to me.
So give: what do you know that Wikipedia doesn't? A BRMC fan awaits your answer.


Angel of Rock said...

Me too! As is 'American X: Baby 81 Sessions EP.' Can't say what I've got, but if I get my act together, maybe you'll get to hear it.