Friday, January 15, 2010

Hello again

I have been avoiding this blog for the last couple weeks. I haven't been feeling like a good musichead. But here's a little update on my attempts.

-Behind on mix-making again. Finished one this week. E Dub, yours is next.

-Finally sent Veronica Fever a CD I made her months ago.

-Joined While this site seems suspiciously like social networking, in a constant search for new music, I think this is the next step.

-Favorite new artists:

1) James Husband (especially the song "Little Thrills")

2) Strange Boys

-It is the slow season for shows in Minnesota. Case in point: I've been going to free shows at a bowling alley on Monday nights. This week will be above average for concert-going though:

Monday: free show at Memory Lanes

Tuesday: nuthin'

Wednesday: free show at Sisters Camelot

Thursday: punk show in Iowa City

Friday: Low at The Varsity Theater

Saturday: maybe see a show in New York, maybe not

Sunday: see Saturday

Not bad for the slow season. The only thing missing is some Cedar shows. Soon to be resolved.


MamaE said...

Whoa, Angel.

THROWBACK! You know I spent far too much time in my college days road tripping to Iowa City (from Cedar Falls) for punk shows. I'm sure all the bands I used to see are organic farmers or raising large families or both now.

Veronica Fever said...

Bummer about Low's cancellation. Presumably there was some other way to fill a Friday night in the 612 area code.

BTW...if you (or anyone you know) likes Nick Cave, or perhaps the 16 Horsepower/Wovenhand side of Americana...get thee to The Gilded Palace of Sin.

KelsiK said...
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紫色 said...
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Angel of Rock said...

MamaE - We will have to trade notes. I would love to hear about the shows you saw.

Fever - Didn't find a replacement for Low, but thankfully they rescheduled. I will look into the Gilded Palace. Been on a Nick Cave kick, so that seems like a good fit.