Friday, January 23, 2009

Cedar Story Part 5

Some of you may not know that The Cedar Cultural Center has not always gone by this name. There was once a time where music fans instead congregated at The Cedar Cultural Centre. I know it’s a little hard to believe. No one likes to talk about it much, but for anyone who is curious, this is the inside scoop. There are still a few remaining artifacts that betray the classic spelling. Next time you attend a show, impress your friends or your date by pointing out the sign on the newsletter rack. They will be dazzled by your insider knowledge.

“It wasn’t an easy choice,” said Mark Johnson. “The staff was divided into two camps and at the height of it most of us weren’t even speaking to each other anymore. The 'RE' camp even had t-shirts made. “There’s no 'ER' in PROGRESS.” I’m not saying I came up with the idea, but those shirts were pretty clever.”

In 2001, still excited by the new millennium, a few members of the staff decided The Cedar needed an update worthy of a new century. They contended that Centre had pretentious connotations just like “Theatre,” “Ye Olde,” and “Shoppe.” They pointed to the newly renamed and wildly successful Yo! The Old Theater Shop, which languished when known as “Ye Olde Theatre Shoppe.” The Cedar would not undergo such a drastic re-name, but the letters were flipped and no one has looked back since.

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