Saturday, January 24, 2009

Frigid Today, Cool & Tropical Tuesday

As we struggle to get above the zero degree mark today, look forward to this Tuesday for what could well be one of the coolest shows from a warmer climate at The Cedar in all of 2009. His name is Curumin, and my personal "Three Country Rule" applies here. What's my "TCR" you ask? If it's music from Mali, Brazil or Sweden, it's almost always going to be great.

Curumin's heritage is actually half Brazilian and half Japanese, and you'll hear and see lots of great references to Japanese pop culture on his new CD on Quannum, Japan Pop Show. This is another of those next generation world music things we've been talking about much on this blog... lots of influences and not many boundaries. In Brazil they call this "samba funk."

We'll have lots of room for dancing at this one, and based on what folks who saw him in NYC a few months back at Red Hot + Rio 2, this promises to be a most memorable show. His performance there stood out among the likes of CéU, Bebel Gilberto, and José González. That's pretty damn impressive.

Some great press in The New York Daily News, and a nice "A List" in our own City Pages. And here's a video:

See you there?

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