Friday, January 16, 2009

music for sub zero weather

While most everything is miserable when your eye lashes and the inside of your nose are frozen, this weather serves as a good excuse to stay indoors and listen to music.

The past few years I've ended up at The Cedar on some of the coldest nights of the year. It has become somewhat of a tradition now and I've even started seeing some of the same performers. Maybe they enjoy playing on frozen nights, but I prefer to think that there is a more cosmic reason behind it.  

One of these artists is Eliza Blue. I first saw her perform on one of the coldest nights I can remember. She was playing with husband and wife duo Roma di Luna (who put on an amazing holiday show at The Cedar in december) at the 400 Bar here on the West Bank. The group was warming up (pun intended) the crowd before another local group, The Pines, went on. 

It was a sparse crowd that night, but it turned out to be a show that stuck with me. When I saw that miss Blue was on the roster for Jim Walsh's Hootenanny tomorrow night, I decided to stick with tradition. 

Music for cold weather, any thoughts?

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