Wednesday, April 1, 2009

For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release to Twin Cities Media - April 1, 2009

The Cedar Cultural Center has Booked The World

Yes, Twin Cities. The day has finally come. Eclectic music venue The Cedar Cultural Center, celebrating its 20th season this year, has exceeded expectation in its presentation of international music. The globally-minded founders aspired to fill the Cedar’s hall with music from all over the world, but could not have anticipated how successful their dream would ultimately be.

With a final thumbtack in Antarctica, The Cedar completed its map of the world having booked at least one artist from every country and continent.

“Global warming and the world wide web have proved to be an unbeatable combination for me,” said Hailaeos, Antarctican musician and part-time penguin farmer. “Once some of the ice melted and my computer screen defrosted I was able to get in touch with the outside world. Now I’m finally able to share my music with others. The Cedar was my first stop because Minnesota feels about as close to home as I can get outside of Antartica.”

The concert is tentatively scheduled for June and will kick off with a celebratory globe-smashing to commemorate the historic performance.

Cedar Executive Director Rob Simonds said, “Come to The Cedar, and let the South Pole come to you. Take that world! Next up, outer space!”

To add a couple pushpins to your map, check out The Cedar's website for more information about the world of music available to you.

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