Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Free and Recycler-ed

It's quick and dirty, but it's FREE and that's usually a good thing.

For anyone out there, like me, who thought the Recycler remix of Warsaw Village Band's "Grey Horse" (see the 12/31/08 post on this blog) was an amazing juxtaposition of WVB's strings and Eastern vocal harmonies with some great industrial electronics, want some more of that?

Here's a site for Recycler with tracks to check out and some free downloads. Who could resist a remix titled "Five Minutes of Free Pornography?" I mean really. It kind of says something about the internet today and I'll let you decide what it that something is. There are a couple of hoops to jump through, but at least it's a Zip file. Check out "The Love Song vs Major Saab" for some heavy bangra-esqe sounds. Fun stuff.

Recycler making it happen.

I've got a sick kid here at home, so it's over and out for Mama E this week.

Next week: I will hopefully get a hold of the new Alamaailman Vasarat release and report in. An album inspired by an insect collection. Really. Hammers of the Underworld, baby!

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