Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nineties Nostalgia

Don't be mad Mama E Dub. I will write about Kasbah rockers, just not tonight. Tonight there are more pressing matters at hand. Namely, some extreme 90s nostalgia.

"Speaking as a child of the 90s..." mutters Eddie Vedder on Pearl Jam's "Habit." Technically, I am not a child of the 90s, but, I tended to identify more with that decade than the neon, leg warmers, and synth of my own.

My first musical memory involves listening to my Dad singing Pearl Jam in the kitchen, and I've pretty much been wrapped up in grunge music ever since. While I wouldn't say I listen to it on a daily or even weekly basis, over the years it has become more like a comfort food than anything else.

I never quite fit the typical fan demographic. In fact, the first time I went to see Pearl Jam perform live (at the Fargodome in Fargo, ND), the woman running the lights pulled my family aside after the show and gave us the set list. I don't remember her exact words, but they were something along the lines of her being impressed that a) we were not frat boys and that b) we knew all the words to "Keep on Rocking in the Free World," which they played as an encore. But I digress. I never fit the fan demographic, so I tend to get a little (read: a lot) overexcited when I discover another non-traditional grunge fan. Let me tell you, I have not found many.

However, in the past month I have discovered three! Amazing, I know. Not only that, a coworker was spotted wearing an Alice in Chains T-shirt at the recent (and amazing) Alice Russell show at The Cedar. I was on to something! Ahead of the curve! Predicting the next big thing! That is until I opened the Rolling Stone magazine my roommate had abandoned on our kitchen table and found an article about nothing other than, you guessed it, nineties nostalgia.

This, which was released sometime in last couple weeks, probably has something to do with it.

Ah well.

In other news, Eddie Vedder recently announced a solo tour on which Liam Finn will be opening. Finn's performance at The Cedar last year, opening for Laura Viers, was one of my favorites and I hope we'll see him again in the future.

Until next week, I will leave you with this:


Mama E Dub said...

Not trying to outgrunge the youngster or anything, but wasn't the band Alice IN Chains? ;)

Angel of Rock said...

Ah! You're right! Typo!

It has been corrected.

David Stock said...

Pearl Jam was so big in those days, well maybe not so much as they are today.