Friday, April 24, 2009

Love: The Thermals

Just thinking about this weekend makes me tired. This of course, is a good thing. To recap what Main Figurehead shared earlier, on Saturday alone at The Cedar:

If you're looking for something to do following this epic day at The Cedar, may I recommend going to see The Thermals at The Triple Rock on Sunday night? It's a late start, and there are three bands on the schedule, so even if you're planning to see Julie Fowlis at The Cedar that night, you might be able to do both!

The Thermals' music really just makes me feel good. It is guaranteed to elevate my mood, and I would be thrilled if some of you were able to share that experience. Warning: I might dance. And to anyone who might see that, I apologize in advance.

With a brand new album, their bound to play some new tunes, like this one:

but I hope we will get to hear some old favorites, too:

Here's to a weekend of warm weather,  good music, fun and friends!

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