Monday, April 6, 2009

Aye Hip Hopper! In a word: brilliant

While the rest of you gear up for the Morrissey concert tonight, I'm at work simultaneously procrastinating and staying occupied by listening to bits of new music. On a recent trip to India, I bought a bunch of Hindi albums to bring back to Cedar staff, choosing my purchases solely on the preposterousness of the album covers. One of these albums, titled "Aye Hip Hopper" by an artist named IshQ Bector was added to my shopping cart in part because of his self-assured visage on the front but primarily because of the back, which features the artist peeing on a wall.

Here's his website: I've always thought it sort of arrogant to administer a website that requires the user to "enter" it, as if the content is so amazing that it needs a buffer or an additional step, that one might have to emotionally prepare to enter such an amazing virtual space. But in this case, it's sort of true.

The music is not nearly as abrasive as I thought it would be. When I see an album whose cover art features graffiti and wall-peeing, I prepare myself for something loud and angry. But IshQ's stuff has the ornamentations, rhythms, and darn catchiness of Bollywood music. It's nearly impossible to listen to it without giggling - or at least smiling.

This video of the first song on the album features a pretty Indian woman pampering IshQ as he soaks in a bath of roses. Work it, girl.

Here's another song on the album:

And another, titled Dakku Daddy.

I currently need a new project in my life, so perhaps I'll start an IshQ fan club.

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Angel of Rock said...

If you start the fan club, I will join. Also, maybe his arrogance is counteracted by the fact that he gets hit by a car/van in the intro to his website?