Monday, June 29, 2009

Fountains of Wayne Acoustic show

This is my first post to the blog, blush, blush. I'm trying to be witty when actually I AM PISSED OFF (which isn't pretty, ask Drew Miller, then buy him a beer and he'll tell you stories). What am I angry about? That after living in Minneapolis for 12 years, I move back to Massachusetts (to breed little Red Sox fans) and *then* there are rock/pop shows at the Cedar I would give my eye teeth for. ARGGGGH! It really is torture to see that Fountains of Wayne will be doing an acoustic gig, and if you are free, and not 2000 miles away you MUST go. If only to torture me about it afterward (I really am easy to tease, and most people find it amusing).

Okay, FOW -- come on these guys are Music Heads for Music Heads. Their albums are like scrapbooks of all the music they love and music fans love too. They digest every snap, crackle & pop of pop music and throw it into their own mix. And much like the best of smart pop, IMHO, Elvis Costello, their lyrics are dark, smart and funny. And Jon Auer of the Posies -- I mean could anyone get us closer to a Chris Bell/Big Star reincarnation?

Okay, that's it from Miss Hell, as I have to confiscate the Lego catapult from my children in the tub. Tell me all about the shows, please.


Mama E Dub said...

You know, this is not the first time Lego has been mentioned in this blog...

Angel of Rock said...

Speaking of Legos, this is not to be missed: