Friday, June 12, 2009

so much music, so little time

The past few weekends have been jam-packed with music events in the Twin Cities. On May 31, I was able to catch some gypsy punk, dreamy boy-girl vocal pop, and some local morbib pop all in the same night.

Last Thursday it seemed as though every beautiful woman making indie rock was visiting Minneapolis. I was lucky enough to see both St. Vincent and Julie Doiron. If you’re unfamiliar with either or both of these musicians, I would suggest taking a listen.

While the previous link shows off Ms. Annie Clark’s musical talent, her stunning good looks are better exemplified here with photos from Thursday night’s show by local photographer Jon Behm:

But while I was thrilled to have seen these shows, I was disappointed to miss both Laura Gibson and Musée Mechanique at The Cedar. Just to rub it in, everyone who did make it to the show gave it a glowing review.

This weekend is shaping up to be music filled as well. From a sold-out performance by Iris Dement, to one of my favorite local groups The Orange Mighty Trio, The Cedar will be a hot spot

But of all the weekend’s festivities, I might be most excited to see PJ Harvey. Though I was just recently introduced to her music, I’ve quickly become a fan.

Hearing artists like PJ for the first time (when they've already had long successful careers) makes me wonder what else I've been missing...

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