Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Positive, not Preachy

It can be difficult to walk that line when you want your music to convey a political message, but don't want to come off all know-it-all or preachy. Far too often, the music itself gets lost behind the message.

To get psyched up for their show in a couple of weeks (Friday June 19) , I was listening to the Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars' Living Like a Refugee the other day and marveling at how well they achieve that balance. The tunes are hummable and catchy, the message is delivered in a low key but upbeat way and you know these guys have totally walked the walk. Here's some background on their story if you haven't heard. I t would be fun to screen the documentary about the band here at the Cedar once we get our movie screen hung, wouldn't it? I like to image the music movie fests we may host someday...but that's the subject for another post.

Here's the trailer for their film.

While the politics really do matter, the tunes need to measure up and they do. Mostly reggae with a few South African-style Afro-pop numbers, the songs are simple and stripped down. Plus I love those old school backing vocals! Say, when did this come out? They have a collection of B-sides available now too.

Should be a good night on the Cedar's fine dance floor and I'll bet it'll leave you feeling like you can change the world for the better, and you know, what could be better than that?

And to continue that changing the world for the better, Rhiannon Giddens from the Carolina Chocolate Drops had A GIRL! Here's what they say.

Well, everyone, after an action packed weekend, the newest Droplet was born!

n May 30, 2009, at 9:47 in the morning, little Aoife (ee-fah) Armentha Laffan was born, to the tune of 7lbs, 10oz. She's gorgeous and thriving, and I'm doing well. She'll be along when we start touring again, so you just might meet her in person! (Mommy knit the hat..)

She looks a little like this! Congrats 'Drops!

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