Friday, June 19, 2009

Weekend To Do List

To Do 6/19 - 6/21:

-Review  6-10 CDs for an international music radio show
-Listen to more of The Low Anthem
-Introduce a friend to the music of Patti Smith
-Listen to two sets of demos/rough mixes for friends who have mistaken me for their band manager
-Attend CD release for friend of a friend's band (mostly interested in taking photo booth pictures at this one...shhh.)
-Assist with international music radio show

And the one I am most excited about:
-Assist in a multi-disc mix CD to accompany a cross-country road trip

Is making mix CDs (or mix tapes for that matter) something that a person is supposed to outgrow? That's always sort of been my impression, especially when the process consumed my life during high school. But I still find it to be the most personal and most enjoyable way to share music with people. While I do love music blogs (cough, like this one, cough), and while the flash drive is a popular choice to share a song with a coworker or friend, I find it harder to show that I put thought into a gift for someone through those media. 

"Here, I made this for you," doesn't have quite the same effect when it's followed by handing over a piece of plastic shaped like a stick of gum.

One solution I found: Tiny Mix Tapes

Cute and smart. If only we all could be so lucky.


Mama E Dub said...

Wow...I SO hope I never outgrow making mixtapes!

Angel of Rock said...

I hope you don't either! And I hope I can continue to be a recipient of your work :)

Princess said...

The cross country road trip Mix CDs are making great progress. Reviewing songs that have the name of a state in them is a great way to introduce oneself to new music!